Syriac origin, "Qno", meaning "to win" or in reference to the goddess Anat in Greek mythology

Qnat is an authentic small red-tiled village, bordered by mountains and green valleys and adjoining the cedar forests of Tannourine and Hadath el-Jebbeh. Nestled in the mountain, at an altitude of 1200m, far from any other locality, the village greets the visitor with pastel colors where green, red and white are strikingly reminiscent of the Lebanese flag. Qnat also stands out for its spectacular cave where was located Saint Challita monastery. By accessing it, on a spring day, through a winding path, one is dazzled by a spectacular view of the valley, sublimated by charming small waterfalls.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • El-Saydeh church
  • Mar Chayna church founded in 1800 on the remains of a pagan temple
  • Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos church
  • Mar Youssef church
  • Mar Yaacoub church
  • Mar Challita convent
  • The typical red-tiled houses
Natural Heritage
  • The Mar Challita grotto comprising 2 floors and its waterfall
  • The vine, fig, apple, pear and olive cultivation
Cultural Heritage
  • The local festival on the occasion of Saint-Mary’s feast celebrated in August
  • The walk on the path leading down to the cave
Nearby sites and villages