Syriac origin, "Qabyoto", meaning "cisterns"

Al-Qobayat is one of the largest villages in Akkar. Located in the far north of the country, it is spread out on the side of the valley and enjoys a unique natural environment, including the Qarm Shbat reserve, a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. This village is home to archaeological remains from prehistoric times with a cemetery dating back to 3000 B.C. and bears witness to the passage of the Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine and Arab civilizations. Today, one can admire unique places of worship in Al-Qobayat, such as the miraculous church of Saydet el Ghessaleh, as well as monumental shrines like Mar Elias, Mar Challita and the Convent of Mar Jeryes. A fertile valley with a unique heritage.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Saydet el-Ghessaleh miraculous church
  • Mar Jeryes convent
  • Mar Doumit monastery built by the Carmelites in 1836 on the remains of a pagan temple dating from Roman times
  • Mar Challita old sanctuary whose foundations date back to the Roman era and which has recently been restored, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated believer
  • The old district with typical black stones constructions
  • Mar Elias old sanctuary
  • The remains of an old silk farm dating from 1862
Natural Heritage
  • The millennial forest of Qamouaa, sheltering juniper trees, oaks, cypresses, cedars, cilician fir trees …
  • Qarm Shbat, a unique nature reserve
  • The pine forest around the village
Cultural Heritage
  • Qobayat International Festival taking place in August with concerts of Lebanese and Arab stars
  • The local festival celebrated in August on the occasion of Saydet Al-Ghessaleh’s feast
  • The hiking trail, section 0, Andqet-Al-Qobayat, 16 km (LMT association)
  • One of the most beautiful hikes in the beautiful forest of Qamouaa
Where To Eat
  • Al-Murjan: a nice Lebanese restaurant offering good mezzes in a friendly atmosphere.
  • The Tannour of Andaqit: one of the last traditional Tannours, on the road from Andqit to Oudine valley, worth a visit for its delicious manakichs over a wood fire.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The hairy oaks forest of Fnaidek, a one-of-a-kind forest in the Mediterranean region
  • The Roman temples of Maqam el-Rab, near the village of Menjez, and Akroum, in the village of Akroum
  • The labelled villages of Menjez, Deir Jennine and Baino