The NGO “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen” is a non-profit organization born from the passion of its founders to the Lebanese rural heritage and its millennia-old culture. Lebanon’s villages have indeed witnessed a long and rich tradition. They embody a complex history that has shaped the mountains, plains and coasts of the Cedars country.

The degradation of this cultural heritage is yet reversible. Random constructions, quarries and destruction of old buildings could still be hindered, or even blocked by this private and unique initiative to establish a label. This label will encourage municipalities and residents to preserve their environment, will serve as a rampart against the destruction of villages and will materialize their commitment to their unique heritage.

“The need for an initiative to recognize the value of Lebanese villages and preserve their exceptional heritage is needed today more than ever.”

Today, these villages are threatened by an extensive urbanization and the lack of collective development initiatives. Consequently, they might lose their uniqueness, putting an end to one of the most beautiful culture in the eastern Mediterranean region.

The NGO “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen” is thus committed to the preservation and development of Lebanon’s villages and strives for the establishment of the label “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen” in order to:


1Highlight Lebanon’s villages through the installation of signs baring the label’s logo on the entries of labelled villages and a website that will place the labelled villages on the tourist map and serve as a platform for all information concerning these villages and their activities.

2Preserve Lebanon’s villages through their commitment to a Quality Chart and raise awareness among the Lebanese public opinion and government agencies concerning the existence and the need to protect the identified sites.

3Develop Lebanon’s villages through the promotion of tourism and local development and the launching of a specialized interface between promoters of heritage beautification initiatives and funding agencies.

The Core Team

Maguy Khoubbieh Albert Kostanian Joy Homsy

United by an unconditional passion for Lebanon and its villages that hold an extraordinary historical, cultural and natural heritage, we traveled the country from one end to the other in search of this unique rural soul. Our different worlds and horizons, and our commitment to preserving an invaluable rural heritage have led us to create the label “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen” so that survives one of the most complex cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The office

The office for 2018-2019 consists of Maguy Khoubbieh Kostanian, president, Joy Homsy, secretary-general, Joe Abi Harb, treasurer, and Christy Massabni, communication manager.

The Circle of Experts

The Circle of Experts is a multidisciplinary body that brings together a number of qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds, all committed to the preservation of Lebanese heritage. It is in charge of deliberating on the villages and granting them the label “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen”.

Dr. Hareth Boustany

Doctor of History and Oriental Archeology, Professor of Phoenician Archeology and Ancient History of Civilization, former Chief Curator of National Museums, member of the Executive Board of the National Heritage Foundation, author of numerous publications

Amine-Jules Iskandar

Certified architect, university professor, specialist of traditional Lebanese houses and Syriac language, author of numerous publications

Sarah Hage

Certified landscape designer, university professor, specializing in urban agriculture and urban projects

Khaled Mouzanar

Film score composer for “Caramel”, “After shave” and “Where do we go now? “, music and film producer, committed to heritage preservation in the Batroun region

Waldemar Faddoul

Certified architect, urban planner, specializing in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern heritage and in territory planning

Hussein Allaw

Painting teacher, pioneer of eco-tourism in Lebanon, owner of the private reserve “Al Jurd” and co-founder of “Al-Jurd” NGO

Pascal Abdallah

Consultant in eco-tourism and rural development, university professor, founder of the tour operator Responsible Mobilities, co-founder of Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMT)

Since April 2019, the NGO “Ajmal Baldet Lebnen” is a member of the international federation “The Most Beautiful Villages of the Earth” that already includes the labels “The most beautiful villages of” France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Wallonia, and Japan. This membership provides the labeled Lebanese villages with international exposure and allows the exchange of know-how with other villages worldwide.


Zouroona is an online booking platform for charming guesthouses and lodgings all over Lebanon. It was launched in partnership with The Most Beautiful Villages of Lebanon to enhance rural development and open the door to authentic tourism experiences.

PBVL would like to thank the ministry of tourism for being a supportive partner throughout our journey and for having endorsed the label « Les Plus Beaux Villages du Liban »