Syriac origin, "Oolmo", meaning "the world"

Alma el-Chaab is a southern village with unobstructed views, overlooking the Gulf of Naqoura with its white beaches and deep blue sea. Surrounded by a maquis, the village surprises by the harmony of its stone houses with traditional architecture, its narrow streets and its brightness that suggests the sea below. Agricultural land arises along the streets, accentuating the rural and fertile aspect of the village. Alma el-Chaab is a village that has managed to preserve, against all odds, its traditions and cultural wealth.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Elias el-Hay old church
  • El-Saydeh church
  • El-Bechara evangelical church
  • Traditional white stone houses
  • The maze of charming streets
Natural Heritage
  • The gulf and the sea of Naqoura below the village
  • The plots of agricultural land inside the village
Cultural Heritage
  • The local festivals on July 20th, on the occasion of Mar Elias’ feast, and on September 8th, for the nativity of Virgin Mary
  • The production of olive oil and carob molasses
  • Alma el-Chaab Youth Club
Nearby sites and villages
  • The cliffs of Rass el-Nakoura and the preserved coastline of the region
  • The ancient Phoenician port city of Tyre
  • The historical and religious site of Qana
A little further
  • The Phoenician port of Adloun
  • The abandoned village of Derdegheya