1250 to 1800m


Syriac origin, "Beit Shkinto", meaning "habitable place"

Baskinta is a village located in the upper Metn region, at the foot of the majestic Sannine Mountain, on the cliff side, with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. This village is famous for its intellectual wealth since it gave birth to many thinkers, philosophers and poets. It houses the museum of Michael Naïmeh, known as the hermit of Choukhroub, as well as typical Lebanese constructions and remains dating back to late antiquity. In Baskinta, nature is rich and varied: a pine forest on the west side, apple and peach orchards and a cedar forest in its heights, at Qanat Bakich. On the south side, the village is surrounded by the Skull Valley, a narrow and almost impenetrable valley that has protected it from invasions in the past.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Saydet el-Sou’oud church
  • Mar Roukos old crusader church
  • Mar Sassine convent built in 1729
  • Several other churches and convents, including Mar Mikhaël convent
Natural Heritage
  • Exceptional location and breathtaking views of the valleys, Mount Sannine and the sea
  • Qanat Bakich mountain with its cedar forest
  • Baskinta’s pine forest
  • Apple and peach orchards
Cultural Heritage
  • The museum of the Lebanese writer and poet Michael Naïmeh
  • The garden and statue dedicated to Michael Naïmeh on the road to Sannine
  • Baskinta’s summer festival held in September
  • Summer camps and picnics in Baskinta’s pine forest
  • The ski resort on the heights of Qanat Bakich
  • Baskinta’s famous typical apples
  • The literary circuit of Baskinta, 24km long, in the footsteps of the literary men of the region (organized by the LMT association)
Where To Eat
  • Krikor: A village institution run by Krikor and his wife Laure. Delicious Manakichs and eggs Kawarma.
Nearby sites and villages
A little further
  • The ruins of Qalaat Faqra, encompassing a Roman temple dating from the year 43, and Kfardebian’s Natural Bridge