Syriac origin, "Mimas", meaning "comedian"

Overlooking the Litani River, the medieval castle of Beaufort to the west, and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Hermon to the east, Deir Mimas is a beautiful village of Marjeyoun, lost in olive groves. This village set on a headland, where the old stone stands alongside the trees, refers to Saint Mama, a shepherd of the 3rd century, martyr of Christianity. In 1404, a monastery was built in his honor, on a hill surrounded by olive trees. Later, a village was established around the convent and was called Deir Mimas. Deir Mimas enchants the visitor with its old water mills, its millenary olive trees, its old stone bridges, its water sources and its charming trails crossing the olive groves. A promise of bucolic walks in an idyllic setting.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Mama convent dating back to medieval times
  • Mar Mama church
  • El-Saydeh monastery
  • Mar Mikhaël church
Natural Heritage
  • Olive trees, some dating back 2000 years
  • The available activities on the Litani river
Cultural Heritage
  • The small museum of icons in Mar Mama Convent
  • The local Mar Mama celebration held on September 15th
  • A large production of olive oil
Where To Eat
  • Snack Homsy: On the road to Qlayaa, in the village of Borj el-Muluk, this snack offers delicious sandwiches with a homemade sauce that made it famous in the region.
Nearby sites and villages
  • Beaufort castle (Qalaat el-Chqif), an old castle from the time of the Crusades, located above the Litani river and Mount Amel
  • The Crusader citadel of Tebnine founded in 1104 by Hugues Saint-Omer
  • The great village of Hasbaïya, cradle of the Chehab dynasty, and its citadel
  • The labelled villages of Ebl el-Saqi and Marjeyoun