Syriac origin, "Shwar", meaning "to straddle"

Dhour Choueir is a typical village of pre-war resorts located in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. The village has 2 entities, Dhour Choueir and Choueir. In Dhour Choueir, the charm of the place is manifested by beautiful buildings of the twentieth century, restaurants, lively cafés and a breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Sannine. As for Choueir, the village below the center, it retains a great charm full of nostalgia. A simple stroll along its scenic streets, between the pines and the beautiful red-tiled traditional houses, enchants the visitor. In the midst of this remarkable landscape stands the impressive El Saïdeh church with its majestic oak, dating back to the 16th century and accentuating the magic of the place.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • El-Saïdeh church built in 1525, with its century-old oak
  • Mar Youhanna el-Sayegh convent built in 1650 and containing manuscripts some of which date from the tenth century Mar Youhanna el-Sayegh convent built in 1650 and containing manuscripts some of which date from the 10th century
  • The remains of the Kassouf hotel
Natural Heritage
  • The pine forests surrounding the village
Cultural Heritage
  • Dhour Choueir Summer and Emigrants Festival held in July along with Miss Emigrants elections
  • Christmas festival including various activities and exhibitions
  • Shweir community center: a library with interesting research material  inside the municipality 
  • Trekking trails inside the pine forest going from Harf Mourad until Imayd hill, from Al-Moukhalles church until Imayd hill, and from Ain el-Sindyaneh until Abu-Daoud river.
  • A bike ride in the pine forests
Where To Eat
  • Al-Ghabeh: A good Lebanese cuisine in Bolonia woods amidst a charming pine forest.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The wood of Boulogne
  • Mar Elias Chouaiya convent built in 1760
  • Zaarour ski resort
  • La station de ski de Zaarour
  • The labelled villages of Bikfaya, Beit Chabab, Khenchara et Mtein