1500 m


ancient Canaanite origin, "Eden", meaning "strength and stability"

Located in the heart of the mountains of North Lebanon, the village of Ehden stands out for its historic downtown, its lively Midane where you can taste the typical Kebbeh of the region, and its old souk, perfect for walks and discovery. This village is home to Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve which comprises a rich biodiversity, including endemic flora and endangered wildlife such as the wildcat, the gray wolf or the imperial eagle. It is marked by its religious aspect, visible through Mar Mema church, built in 749 on the site of a pagan temple, the superb Saïdet el-Hosn cathedral from where the village appears on one side and the Batroun-Syrian coastline on the other side, and the Holy Valley of Qozhaya filled with monasteries, chapels, hermitages and caves. Its annual festival “Ehdeniyat” remains one of the most awaited cultural activities in Lebanon.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Saïdet el-Hosn church
  • Mar Mema church, the oldest Maronite church in Lebanon, built in 749 on the site of a pagan temple
  • Mart Moura church
  • Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos convent
Natural Heritage
  • Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve created in 1992, 1500m above sea level, and offering an exceptional biodiversity of flora (cedar, fir, oak, maples …) and wildlife (wolf, wild cat, hyena, porcupine …)
  • The Qadisha Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to a significant number of historic monasteries and hermitages in a unique natural setting
Cultural Heritage
  • The international festival “Ehdeniyat” in July-August
  • Local culinary specialty: the different varieties of kebbeh
  • A hike in Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve
  • A hike in the Holy Valley of Qadisha
  • The hiking trail, section 5, Beqaa Sefrine-Ehden of 23 km (LMT association)
  • The hiking trail, section 6, Ehden-Wadi Qannoubine of 9.8 km (LMT association)
Where To Eat
  • Al-Fardaouss: a very tasty Lebanese cuisine, typical of the North, on a terrace with
    a panoramic view of the Convent Saints Serge and Bacchus and the village of Ehden.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The Cedars of God Forest inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • The Cedars ski resort
  • The village of Raskifa with its historic churches and the charming village of Basloukit
  • The labelled villages of Bane and Bcharreh