Canaanite origin "Ham", meaning "the source of heat" or in reference to the third son of the prophet Noah

A true oasis within the Anti-Lebanon chain, the village of Ham appears to the visitor like a mirage after a long winding and arid road. Its border village character, perfectly isolated in a semi-desert area, enhances the feeling of adventure and escape. The village is entirely bordered by orchards and an amazing diversity of vegetation that stands out against the rest of the surrounding natural landscape. A timeless getaway for an amazing discovery.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Some vernacular stone houses
Natural Heritage
  • An oasis of greener,  remarkably well landscaped, in a rocky scenery of high mountain
Cultural Heritage
  • A potential for mountain activities made currently impossible by the prevailing situation in the region
Nearby sites and villages
  • The great historic city of Zahleh, capital of the Beqaa, full of architectural attractions and where the animation is in full swing during all seasons
  • The town of Riyak with its Wild West atmosphere and iconic abandoned train station
  • The labelled village of Anjar with its ancient Umayyad city listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site