the origin might relate to the Phoenician sun god Hammon

The village of Hammana is rooted in a fertile valley surrounded by mesmerizing mountains and prides itself on its “red gold”, namely the exquisite cherries for which it is renowned. Its valley, made famous by the poet Lamartine, is described by the latter as being “the work of God”. Its beautiful traditional houses, historic monuments, cobblestone pedestrian streets and mild climate make it an ideal holiday destination. Hammana is a lively village that lives, throughout the year, to the rhythm of its festival and its cultural and sports activities.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • The monastery of the Good Shepherd, listed as a historical monument by the Directorate General of Antiquities
  • Mar Romanos Church, built in 1732
  • The 14th century Mezher palace, former residence of the poet Alphonse de Lamartine
Natural Heritage
  • Lamartine valley and the surrounding mountains
  • The waterfalls and the Hammana River
Cultural Heritage
  • The typical Hammana cherry festival held in June
  • Nagib Abu Haidar Public Library
  • Artistic activities at Hammana Artist House
  • Canyoning in Hammana’s River
  • The restaurants around the Chaghour waterfall
  • A hike in Hammana’s Valley, along its waterfalls and its river
  • A hike on the marked trails in the mountains
Where To Eat
  • Al-Chaghour: A good Lebanese cuisine on a shaded terrace facing Hammana’s waterfall. It is said that Jacques Brel had a concert there in the 60s.
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