Syriac origin, "Kfar Ookob", meaning "the village of traces or imprints" or Arab origin, meaning "the hawks' house"

Kfaraqab is a surprising beautiful Metn village, nestled at the foot of Mount Sannine and overlooking the interlaced hills and valleys of Mount Lebanon. In this charming village with a minimalist aspect, the Lebanese houses, the typical pines of the region, the orchards and the charming alleys form a neat ensemble where special attention is paid to detail. The rural landscape is emphasized by the hiking trails that crisscross the mountain as an invitation to a total immersion in nature.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • El-Saydeh church built in 1570
  • Saydet el-Bechara church built in 1771
  • The fountain of kings built in the 13th century
Natural Heritage
  • The pine forest surrounding the village
  • The breathtaking view of the valley separating Metn from Keserwan
Cultural Heritage
  • Qfaraqab summer festival held in August with the preparation of the typical Hrisseh dish (mashed wheat with meat or chicken)
  • A walk on the paths of the pine forest around the village
Nearby sites and villages
  • The Mount Sannine
  • The ski resort on the heights of Qanat Bakich
  • The labelled villages of Baskinta and Ain el-Qabou