Syriac origin, "Knisheh", meaning "assemblies"

Located on a ridge, in the middle of an exceptional pine forest, Knaisseh is a small village gathered around an old staircase that goes from the square to the top of the village, a configuration that allowed it to defend itself against the various assaults throughout history. Knaisseh has kept its discreet charm, typical of the villages of the region, which is reflected by Saint Anthony old church, with its welcoming place, the many nice stairs and streets, the beautiful red-tiled houses and the hiking trails in the forest and valley. The village offers the visitor the opportunity to walk in a bucolic setting between pines and almond trees and escape into nature towards the stream at the bottom of the valley.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Elias convent
  • Mar Antonios church
Natural Heritage
  • The pine forest around the village
  • The river in the valley
Cultural Heritage
  • The annual local rural dinner organized on the church square
  • The production of capers and sumac
  • A walk to the stream at the foot of the village
  • The family friendly picnic area
  • The annual run organized from Knaisseh to Arsoun
Nearby sites and villages
  • The dilapidated Abillama seraglio in Salima village, built in the 16th century and listed in the inventory of historical monuments
  • The scenic route from Aarbaniyeh to Knaisseh with sights like the Aarbaniyeh teleport station and the adjacent former silk farm
  • The square of palaces of the village of Aabadiyeh
  • The midane of  the village of Arsoun with its centenary Lebanese houses
  • The labelled villages of MteinSalimaFalougha, Hammana and Sawfar