Arabic origin, meaning "just, equitable"

Nestled on a hill overlooking the sea and surrounded by green valleys, the village of Mounsef is surprising in many ways. Flowered, wooded and nicely landscaped, this village is characterized by a coherence and overall harmony that are rare on the Lebanese coast. At the heart of the village, stands Saints Sergius and Bacchus historic church, and further down, Mar Mema monastery which induces meditation. The village also stands out for its creeks, offering a pleasant sight to passers-by and walkers.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos historic church
  • Mar Mema convent
Natural Heritage
  • The creeks beneath the village
  • The oak woods around the village
Nearby sites and villages
  • The old town of Byblos, established around 5000 BC
  • The old town of Batroun with its old port, Phoenician wall, historic churches by the sea and lively streets
  • The village of Gharzouz with its steep sea view and its Saydet el Niyah church, of about 500 years old, built with the remains of a temple
  • The village of Bekhaz with its bird’s eye view of the sea
  • The charming village of Toula with its large triple nave Crusader church, dedicated to Mar Doumit, and its beautiful stone houses
  • The labelled villages of Maad, Ain Kfaa and Rachana
A little further
  • The Crusader citadel of Smar Jbeil built in the 12th century, with its cistern and tombs carved into the rock
  • Mseilha Crusader palace