850 to 1400m


Aramaic-Syriac origin, "Tanourin", plural of "Tanouro", meaning "small furnaces"

Historically a place of refuge for the Maronites of Mount Lebanon, the village of Tannourine has several localities extending over an important difference in altitude. Tannourine enjoys an exceptionally rich ecosystem where mountains and valleys merge as far as the eye can see. The village comprises one of the largest and deepest cedar forests in Lebanon and is distinguished by its millennial heritage, as shown by a number of Byzantine and Crusader churches, some of which nestled in the valley. The village offers all year round activities and festivals in an authentic rural setting.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • El-Saydeh cathedral at Tannourine el-Fawka
  • Mar Yaacoub millennial church at Tannourine el-Tahta
  • Saydet el-Azraa church
  • Mar Sarkis church
  • Saydet Chatine church
  • Mar Challita crusader church at Tannourine el-Fawka
  • Mar Antonios al-Kabir monastery in Wata Houb, built in 1749 with the remains of a Phoenician temple
  • Medieval frescoes at Wata Houb
  • A Roman aqueduct at Tannourine el-Tahta
Natural Heritage
  • Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve spreading over an area of 600 hectares at over 1850 meters above sea level and home to some 60 000 cedars
  • The waterfalls and natural caves in the lush valley
  • The wild and dense vegetation and orchards
Cultural Heritage
  • Tannourine summer festival held in August
  • The local culinary specialty: Chiche Barak with Kechek (meatballs rolled in dough served in a crushed wheat and goat’s yogurt soup)
  • The typical apple of the region
  • The hiking trail, section 9, Bazaoun-Tannourine el-Fawqa, of 19.7 Km (LMT association)
  • The hiking trail, section 10, Tannourine el-Fawqa-Aaqoura, of 17.2 Km (LMT association)
Where To Eat
  • Diwan al-Hassoun: In a friendly and animated atmosphere, this Lebanese family restaurant located in Chabtine offers a good selection of mezzes.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The Laqlouq region, ideal for hiking, and its ski resort
  • The labelled villages of Douma, Hardine and Bchaaleh