Syriac or Aramaic origin, "Beit Kefaya", meaning "stone house"

Bikfaya-Mhaidthe could be depicted as the capital of the Metn region. The village owes this status to its monumental character and its rich past that has often placed it at the center of Lebanon’s history. It is home to an imposing seraglio of the XIXth century, a multitude of churches, including Mar Abda which dates back to the XVIe century, and large traditional houses that we discover at the corner of many streets and stairs. Bikfaya shines brightly in every season with its continuous animation and activities. Further up, the village offers the charm and hospitality of the Naas Forest, a famous source of water and a haven of tranquility.


Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • The seraglio Abillama built in 1849
  • Mar Abda church dating back to the year 1587
  • The Jesuit convent built in 1833
  • Several old stone churches including Mar-Michaël and Saydet el-Najat
  • Beautiful houses and stone palaces
Natural Heritage
  • The pine forest in the upper part of the village
Cultural Heritage
  • The flower festival held in May
  • The typical Bikfaya peach festival held in July
  • The annual Christmas market
  • The reading and cultural activity center
  • A wide variety of Mezzeh at Naas in a forest setting, just above the village, and in the Delb district around water sources
  • A walk in the woods of Naas, in the upper part of the village
Where To Eat
  • Tallet Nasr: a tasty and generous Lebanese cuisine on the heights of Naas forest. A special mention for the warm setting in winter at the corner of the fireplace and the summer terrace surrounded by a beautiful pine forest.
  • Fadel: an inventive Lebanese cuisine that establishes the reputation of this true institution. A high-end restaurant on the heights of Naas forest.
  • Lola: a savory European cuisine in an alpine atmosphere on the heights of Naas forest, with a terrace that has panoramic views in summer. A special mention for the pierrade, the fondue and the fine wine selection.
  • Le Gourmet: A snack at the entry of Bikfaya village, famous for its delicious grilled chicken sandwiches with mashed garlic and pickles.
  • Locanda Corsini: Located on the heights of the Naas forest, this restaurant offers a fine selection of Italian dishes in a most pleasant setting.
Nearby sites and villages
  • Mar Moussa convent in the eponymous village
  • Kornet Chahwan historic central square
  • Mar Elias monastery in Chouaiya
  • The former sanatorium, now a hospital, in Bhaness
  • The major archaeological site of Deir el-Qalaa in Beit Mery including remains from Roman and Byzantine times
  • El-Qalaa convent or the convent of the citadel in Beit Mery built on the remains of the temple of the great Phoenician god Baal Markadi. The convent Saint John of the Citadel was built in 1748 on part of the temple
  • The labelled villages of Dhour Choueir, Khenchara and Beit Chabab
A little further
  • The major archaeological site of Deir el-Qalaa in the labelled village of Beit Mery
  • Zaarour ski resort