Aramaic-Syriac origin, "Deir Ganin", meaning "the monastery of gardens"

Deir Jennine is a village of Akkar nestled in a haven of greenery and serenity. This place where reigns an atmosphere of abandoned village, is home to houses and monuments of character built with the amazing basalt stone, typical of the region, as witnessed by Saint-George church and convent. Deir Jennine has a large number of olive trees and the oldest olive press in the region, thus marking the historical and artisanal aspect of the product. Al-Oustouane river that runs through it adds to the freshness and fertility of its land. A village that inspires discovery and tranquility.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Jeryes convent
  • Our Lady of ascension church
  • The old olive presses
  • Little chapels of Saint-Challita and Saint Barbara
  • The black stone church of the village
  • Basalt stone constructions, typical of the region
Natural Heritage
  • Al-Oustouane river
  • The oak forest south of the village
  • The green hills, olive groves and orchards
Cultural Heritage
  • The local summer feasts on April 23rd (Saint-George) and August 15th (Virgin Mary) with local products and traditional music and dabkeh
  • The production of olive oil, arak, chenklich and kechek
  • A walk on the path leading to the river
  • A walk on the marked path towards Mar Challita chapel
Nearby sites and villages
  • The Roman remains of Maqam el-Rabb near the village of Menjez
  • The labelled villages of Menjez, Al-Qobayat and Baino