Canaanite origin, "Doumah", meaning "silence, calm"

Nestled in the fertile valley of Kfar Hilda which is full of ancient treasures, the village of Douma, shaped like a scorpion, is immersed in tranquility. Its old souk with multiple stalls, its churches built on ancient pagan temples and its 240 traditional houses classified National Heritage testify to the greatness of the village during the time of the Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. A former trade hub in the heart of a rural region, Douma amazes with the authenticity of its narrow streets, its rich and fertile nature, its traditional little cafés filled with cards and Tawleh players and its cultural activities that accentuate the village’s liveliness throughout the summer.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • The 240 traditional houses classified National Heritage
  • Mar Doumit historic church, a former pagan temple dedicated to the God of Medicine and Health Hygiae
  • The old rock chapel of Mar Nohra and the monastery of Mar Youhanna el-Maamadane, built on the remains of a Roman and Byzantine temple
  • The sarcophagus of the 4th century Castor priest in the village square
  • The old traditional souk
  • The ecomuseum which traces the modern history of Douma
  • The Maronite Monastery of Mar Yaaqoub built on the remains of ancient temples
Natural Heritage
  • The karstic rocks of the Faghry region which connects Douma with the mountain of Jabal el-Qaraqif
  • The cliff of Chir Mar Yaaqoub overlooking the valley of Kfar Hilda
  • The olive trees terraces spreading at the foot of the village
Cultural Heritage
  • Douma’s summer festival held in July-August
  • Local craftsmanship: hook production, ironwork and carpentry
  • The production of Raha, the famous sweet pastry covered with a thin layer of icing sugar
  • The olive and olive oil production
  • Local culinary specialty: Reshta bel Fasoulya (soup made from lentils, pasta and beans)
  • The loop of the hiking trail linking section 10, Tannourine el-Fawqa- Aaqoura, to Douma (LMT association)
  • Several hiking trails linking Douma to Bchaaleh, Kfar Hilda, Tannourine, Laqlouq, Tartej and Arz Jaj where you can walk on paths dating back to Roman times
Where To Eat
  • Abou-Georges: On the main road to the village of Assia, this restaurant is definitely worth a visit for its delicious homemade mezzes in a simple but welcoming setting. A special mention for the grilled chicken and the tabbouleh.
  • Escalapio: Located in Douma, this restaurant offers a good Lebanese cuisine in an often lively setting.
  • Diwan al-Hassoun: In a friendly and animated atmosphere, this Lebanese family restaurant located in Chabtine offers a good selection of mezzes.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve
  • The waterfall of Bsatine el-Ossi
  • The labelled villages of Tannourine, Bchaaleh and Hardine