Syriac origin, "Beit Oudrono", meaning "the place of help"

Located on a hill in the high Shouf region, Baadarane has the undeniable charm of a deserted village straight out of a western movie. It houses important historical monuments including the sumptuous palace of Ali Pasha Jumblat, unfortunately in a state of disrepair, or a Druze Khalwa, and others more incongruous features as an aerodrome with breathtaking views. The village is surrounded by a forest of pines and oaks, and a protected area of migratory birds and has beautiful abandoned houses. There is a unique atmosphere in Baadarane. A must-visit village.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • The dilapidated palace of Ali Pasha Jumblat, ally of Fakhredine II
  • The Khalwa, a place of meeting, prayer and meditation of the initiated Druze
  • Mar Elias church
  • The aerodrome with its breathtaking views
  • The oil and grape presses
Natural Heritage
  • The Shouf high mountain
  • The lush pine forest and the various water sources such as Ain el-Marah and Ain el-Sayfiyeh
Cultural Heritage
  • The ceremonial Abaya weaving with the traditional tool “Al-Nawl” in dark colors enriched with gold embroidery
  • Culinary specialties: Meaaykeh (Chicory, Kechek, oignons with olive oil); Emaycheh (Burghol, oignons, kechek); Tabbouleh Muzaffara (Burghol, chickpeas, grease)
  • A loop in the hiking trail, section 20, Maasser el-Shouf-Niha, 12.3 km (LMT association)
  • A loop in the hiking trail, section 19, Barouk-Maasser el-Shouf, 10 km (LMT association)
Nearby sites and villages
  • The citadel of Niha with its rocky cavities, dug in a vertiginous peak of nearly 300m above Wadi Jezzine
  • Ain wa Zein grotto, 426 m deep, with its large rooms and spectacular vaults
  • The remains of a Roman temple near the village of Amatour, in the region of Marj Bisri
  • The labelled villages of Mukhtara, Baakline and Maasser el-Shouf
A little further
  • The Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve, recognized by UNESCO in 2005 as a biosphere reserve
  • The breathtaking view of the locality of Jezzine from the sanctuary Nabi Ayoub, tomb of the prophet Jacob and pilgrimage site for the Druze