Syriac origin, "Beit Chaali", meaning "the place of glorification and adoration"

The village of Bchaaleh stands on a promontory, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the mesmerizing locality of Douma. It is home to many traditional houses and to Saint Stephan church, one of the largest in the region of Batroun. To the north-east of the village, a citadel is built on the ruins of a medieval fortress, erected itself on Phoenicians ruins destroyed by the Romans. Twelve fertile olive trees, about 6000 years old, still live in the village of Bchaaleh, at more than 1200m above sea level. It is said that they are the oldest olive trees in the world.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Estephan church built in 1796
  • El-Saydeh church
  • Mar Yaacoub convent
  • El-Hosn fortress of Phoenician times, devastated in -64
  • Mar Doumit historic convent
Natural Heritage
  • « Noah’s olive trees”, eleven olive trees among the oldest in the world, dating back 6000 years
Cultural Heritage
  • Bchaaleh summer festival on the 6th of August, on the occasion of Mar Doumit feast
  • The permanent exhibition of religious sculptures by artist Amin Rizk
  • Concerts and cultural events in old monasteries nestled in nature
  • The production of olive oil and soap
Where To Eat
  • Zeytouna Way: A snack, located in Bchaaleh, serving Lebanese specialties, fast food and tasty sandwiches
  • Slayyib: a Lebanese restaurant, located in Slayyib Bchaaleh, serving fresh food, with a beautiful terrace overlooking Douma’s village
  • Furn El-Chakour: A furn and Saj, located in the heart of Bchaaleh, with a fine and fresh dough
  • Furn Chawki: A furn and Saj, located on the main road in Bchaaleh, serving typical Lebanese pieces of bakery
Nearby sites and villages
A little further
  • The village of Mayfouk which constitutes a major religious site and includes the monastery of Saydet Mayfouq, known since the year 850 and one of the oldest in Lebanon, and the church of Saint Ellige, built in the 12th century and famous for its remarkable icon of the Virgin and Child