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Canaanite origin, "Iddo", or Syriac, "Ideh", meaning "force" or "arm"

The village of Edde is one of the few villages on the Lebanese coast that have kept the charm of yesteryear and curbed the rampant urbanization, accentuated by the presence of Byblos, the imposing neighboring city. The village stretches out on a long hill between two green valleys gradually descending towards the sea. Beautiful stone houses stand alongside churches, punctuated by a multitude of small gardens, woods and ponds that surround and adorn these charming edifices. Built on foundations dating from the Phoenicians and stripped of its portico by the orientalist writer Ernest Renan, Saint George church stands out from other more subtle monuments.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Jeryes church built with the remains of a Roman temple
  • Mar Lichaa church built in the 7th century and surrounded by ancient oaks
  • The ruins of the church Mar Youhanna wa Tadros
Natural Heritage
  • The sea at the foot of the village
  • The oak forest, the olive groves and the remarkable afforestation inside the village
Cultural Heritage
  • The activities within the Edde club
Nearby sites and villages
  • Bentaël nature reserve
  • The old town of Byblos, established around 5000 BC
  • The historical center of the city of Amchit with its iconic palaces and churches
  • The village of Gharzouz with its steep sea view and its Saydet el-Niyah church, of about 500 years old, built with the remains of a temple
  • The village of Bekhaz with its bird’s eye view of the sea
  • The labelled villages of Maad, Ain Kfaa and Mounsef
A little further
  • The village of Mayfouk which constitutes a major religious site and includes the monastery of Saydet Mayfouq, known since the year 850 and one of the oldest in Lebanon, and the church of Saint Ellige, built in the 12th century and famous for its remarkable icon of the Virgin and Child
  • Jaj Cedar Forest, home to multi-century cedars scattered among the rocks, remains of one of the oldest cedar forest reserves in Lebanon