Syriac origin, "Kfar Hayeh", meaning "village of life"

The village of Kfarhay is part of a typical environment of the first level of hills that rise towards the chain of Mount Lebanon. Bordered by the river Nahr el Joz, this village is a historic site, since Saint-John Maron, the first Maronite patriarch founded a monastery there in the year 694. If there are any “high places where the Spirit breathes”, as Maurice Barres said, the convent of Kfarhay will be one of them. Around the monastery, a multitude of small stone peasant houses recall the eminently rural character of the region. A special care is taken in the enhancement of the public space, especially by the presence of a small public garden and nicely flowered streets.

Must-do things
Architectural Heritage
  • Mar Maroun convent founded in the 7th century, housing the legacy of the relics of Saint-Maron
  • Mar Saba church
  • About 10 dilapidated mills on the banks of the river Nahr el-Jawz
  • The remains of the convent Mar Sarkis
Natural Heritage
  • Maquis landscapes characterizing the Middle Batroun region
  • The ancient cave of Abou Samra
Cultural Heritage
  • The museum inside Mar Maroun’s  convent
  • The local celebration of Mar Saba on August 24 including a traditional dinner and local products 
  • The village sport club
  • Culinary specialties: Hrisseh; Maakroun bel Thoum; Hallal Sayro (rolled pastries on the Saj with sugar, butter and sesame); Fatayer pastries with eggs and dried thyme
Where To Eat
  • Diwan al-Hassoun: In a friendly and animated atmosphere, this Lebanese family restaurant located in Chabtine offers a good selection of mezzes.
  • Ixsir: Set on a hillside surrounded by vineyards in the village of Jran, this beautiful winery comprised an upscale restaurant that offers international and Lebanese buffet cuisine. Don’t miss the visit of the cellars.
  • Tawlet Biomass: In the beautiful setting of Biomass domain in Jrebta, you will taste excellent local Lebanese dishes, buffet style, with organic products from the farm of Biomass, on a beautiful terrace surrounded by greenery.
  • Tafla: Nestled in lush greenery with stunning sea views, this inviting guest house, located in Smar Jbeil, offers home-cooked food. Call to book and notify the hosts.
  • Several fish and seafood restaurants in Old Batroun harbor, including Oysters and the hotel’s restaurant, L’auberge de la mer.
Nearby sites and villages
  • The old town of Batroun with its old port, Phoenician wall, historic churches by the sea and lively streets
  • The Crusader citadel of Smar Jbeil built in the 12th century, with its cistern and tombs carved into the rock
  • The neighbouring rural village of Boxmaya
  • The beautiful village of Assia, famous for its pottery craft
  • The labelled villages of Sourat, Zane and Rachana