Around the Qadisha valley

Day 1

Get to the charming village of Qnat by way of Chekka.

Continue towards the village of Hadath el-Jebbeh where you can indulge in the pleasures of walking in nature (forest of young cedars) or visit old monuments and enjoy the bustle of the main street in summer time.

Head towards the village of Dimane, the summer residence of the Maronite patriarch, and visit the Garden of the Patriarchs.

Spend the night in the village of Hasroun, nicknamed the “rose of the mountain” because of the density of red-tile traditional houses that one finds there. Spend the night in the village to have the opportunity to linger in the bustling souk, to walk its many alleys and visit its historic churches.

Day 2

Start the day with a stop in Bqaa Kafra, the birthplace of Saint Charbel where you can visit his family home.

Visit the Qadisha Valley through one of the many entry points, including Bcharreh. You could go for a walk and even spend a night in one of the monasteries of this holy valley listed World Heritage by UNESCO, or spend the night in the village of Bcharreh, the capital of the region.

Day 3

Visit the village of Bcharreh and, higher up, the famous forest Cedars of God.

Head towards the village of Ehden via the village of Ban, a small charming village with a beautiful public square and many pleasant little streets.

Visit the large village of Ehden, known for its gastronomy, its many monuments and especially the Midane, a traditional square which borders the animated souk.

Extend the pleasure with a walk in the remarkable nature reserve of Horsh Ehden.