The Grand Tour of villages in 8 days

Day 1

Departure to the north for a first stop in the region of Batroun. Visit the mystical village of Hardine, go to the villages that form Tannourine and which enclose many archaeological and natural wonders.

Spend the night in the superb village of Douma, a pure concentrate of traditional Lebanese architecture.

Day 2

Take the Cedars road passing through several villages of the most attractive in Lebanon, such as Qnat and Hadath el-Jebbeh.

Visit the red-tiled village of Hasroun, wandering through its busy streets, and admire its old churches. Continue to the nearby village of Bcharreh, an excellent starting point to visit the Cedars.

Day 3

Start the day with a visit to the impressive historical Qadisha Valley (see relevant tour).

Take the road to Ehden, visit the village and enjoy a walk in the eponymous nature reserve.

Head towards the coastal village of Enfeh that could be confused with a Greek village. Before arriving, stop in the city of Amioun where you can visit many historic churches.

Day 4

Stop by the village of Baino, the jewel of Akkar, through the city of Tripoli, and visit the village and its nature reserve.

Visit the village of Deir Jennine and the abandonned village of Hedd.

Spend the night in the village of Al-Qobayat, surrounded by beautiful forests.

Day 5

Head towards the Beqaa by its north gate, the Hermel, where you can visit the obelisk of Qammouaa el-Hermel, a curious pyramidal construction dating from the Phoenician era.

Reach Baalbek, the city of the sun, and linger in its world renowned temples. Spend the night there or continue to the city of Zahleh, a gastronomic landmark.

Day 6

Swing by the Omeyyade site of Anjar, which is well worth the detour.

Stop by Ammiq which is home to a unique nature reserve in the area, surrounding a charming village.

Spend the night in the beautiful village of Rachaïya el-Wadi, the citadel of Mount Hermon.

Day 7

Take the charming road that connects Rachaïya el-Wadi to the historic village of Hasbaïya, where you can admire a Chehab citadel.

Travel thoughout the region to the large village of Marjeyoun, a rare concentrated of beautiful Lebanese residences, going through Ebl el-Saki and Deir Mimas, where you will find a scenic Galilean landscape.

Venture on one of the most beautiful roads of Lebanon that connects Marjeyoun to the village of Jezzine, famous for its waterfalls, to finally get to the forest village of Bkassine.

Day 8

Explore the historic Chouf starting with the fortress of Niha. Continue through the mystical village of Baadarane and stop at Mokhtara to visit a charming village too long remained in the shadow of the Jumblatt palace.

Visit the Palace of Beiteddine, a magnificent historical monument where the Emirate of Mount Lebanon emerges in all its splendor.

Spend the night at Deir el-Qamar, the city of Emirs.