Mysterious Akkar

Day 1

Departure from Tripoli to Akkar via Halba, capital of the region. First stop in the village of Deir Jennine, a rural locality frozen in time, overlooking a preserved rural landscape and a valley, bed of the Ostouane river.

Near the village, stroll through the abandoned hamlet of Hedd where you can admire old stone houses in a unique atmosphere.

Head towards Menjez, an emblematic village of Akkar located on the Syrian border. It is home to many archaeological treasures and black stone houses, typical of the region. Visit the neighboring locality of Kfar Noun.

Visit the locality of Bireh which houses the citadel of the Merehbi family and follow the road towards the great village of Al-Qobayat which has a rich architectural heritage and is an excellent starting point to discover the natural wonders of Akkar.

Day 2

Tour around the exceptional natural environment that surrounds the village of Al-Qobayat with the green valley of Andqet in the north, the Qarm Chbat forest on the heights, to the east of the village, and swing by to the nearby town of Akkar al-Atika to visit its citadel in ruins.

Day 3

Take the direction of the green plateau of Qamouaa and visit its one of a kind forest.

Continue towards the forest of hairy oaks around the village of Fneidek.

Take the road to Bezbina, which is home to a wild nature reserve, to reach Baino, jewel of Akkar and home to dozens of palaces and traditional houses, as well as a nature reserve and an artificial lake.