The romantic Ftouh

Day 1

Departure from Jounieh to Harissa after visiting the city of Jounieh and its old souks.

Visit the pilgrimage site of Harissa enclosing the statue of the virgin Mary and Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon.

Head towards to the neighboring locality of Bzummar where you can visit the magnificent Armenian catholic patriarchate which comprises a museum and a vineyard.

Move on to the village of Ghosta, where you can admire Jounieh Bay and visit ancient convents and churches, including Ain Warka, home to one of the first girls’ schools in Lebanon, founded in the 17th century.

Take the road to the village of Dlebta with its impressive traditional houses and palaces, passing through the wooded hills of Meerab.

Head towards the town of Ghazir, the capital of Ftouh, where you can visit monasteries, a beautiful souk and splendid traditional houses.

Visit the village of Aramoun, rooted in the forest, and visit some beautiful monuments.

Take the road to the village of Yahchouch passing through several localities of interest in Ftouh, including Kfour, Chahtoul and Ghineh.

Visit the village of Yahchouch and spend the night there with a possibility of camping in the nature of Nahr Ibrahim (special mention for the hamlet of Chouane, a place of departure to the valley) and/or in the reserve of Jabal Moussa which offers perspectives of various walks and trecks.