The Galilean path

Day 1

Departure from Saïda to the village of Maghdoucheh where you can visit the shrine of Our Lady of Mantara, a major place of Biblical pilgrimage.

Head to the Nabatiyeh region and stop at the village of Sarba which overlooks a beautiful green hill.

Cross the region of Nabatiyeh to reach further south the village of Zawtar elGharbiyeh, which dominates the river Litani, remarkably well preserved in this area.

Cross the Litani to reach the almost-abandoned village of Derdegheya, whose stone houses are visible from the main road.

Spend the night in Tyre, the iconic city of antiquity (deserves a several-day visit).

Day 2

After visiting the old city of Tyre, stop in the village of Cana, the place of the famous Biblical Wedding.

Head towards Rass-Naqoura, a border town famous for its limestone cliffs that plunge into a deep blue sea.

Visit the village of Alma el-Chaab, where houses and orchards coexist in a preserved environment, within a few minutes from the coast.