From Mount Lebanon to Anti-Lebanon

Day 1

Departure from the big coastal city of Saïda.

Leaving Saida, visit the temple of Echmoun, a remarkable Phoenician archaeological site, and take the road to the village of Joun to visit the magnificent convent Saint-Savior.

Take the road along the archaeological valley of Bisri leading to the village of Bkassine, surrounded by one of the most beautiful pine forests of Lebanon.

Swing by the historic monastery of Saydet Machmoucheh and head to the village of Jezzine going through Wadi Jezzine.

Spend the night in Jezzine, celebrated for its waterfalls, crafts and beautiful traditional houses.

During this first day, you could make a stop in the neighboring village of Qaitouleh.

Day 2

From Jezzine, take the scenic road of Marjeyoun via the locality of Kfarhouneh.

Visit the village of Marjeyoun, where you can admire an impressive number of beautiful houses and palaces, often abandoned, and which has unique charm in the region.

Swing by the village of Deir Mimas, located on a hill facing the Beaufort Crusader Citadel.

End the day in the village of Ebl el-Saki which has the particular charm of southern villages and encloses a natural conservation area.

Day 3

Head towards the historical village of Hasbaïya which encloses a remarkable Chehab palace. On the road, stop at Rachaïya el-Fukhar, a village known for its pottery and visit the impressive Roman temple located in the center of the village of Habbariyeh.

Go to the village of Rachaïya el-Wadi located at the foot of Mount Hermon and nationally known for its citadel of independence. Its paved souk is one of the most beautiful in Lebanon.

You could visit the neighboring temple of Ain Horcha and the charming village of Kfar Mechki.