Jbeil, a mystical region

Day 1

Shortly after Amchit, turn towards the village of Maad which has many attractions, including the remarkable church of St. Charbel, dating from the 12th century and built on the site of a Roman temple whose foundations are still visible.

Near Maad, visit the small village of Ain Kfaa, surrounded by a charming olive grove.

Take the road to Lehfed, where you can visit many convents and historic churches and explore the small cedar forest of the village of Jaj.

Drive to Aaqoura to spend the night, passing through Annaya where you can visit the monastery and the relics of St. Charbel.

Day 2

Visit the village of Aaqoura with its multitude of churches, natural landscapes and its jurd which offers many opportunities for hiking.

Make a detour to explore Afqa grotto, the source of the Adonis river.

Go back down to the coast through Qartaba and Nahr Ibrahim valley.